Rain City TNG

Welcome to Rain City TNG



We’ve adopted the KECC! This is an important step forward for the community. Click below to learn what this means for us.


Our Events

We regularly host parties in Seattle for the TNG age range (18 - 35) - Please see our Fetlife page for more information!



Consent is foundational to everything we do. Our standard is clear, uncoerced consent for all activities and interactions. So if someone isn't living up to that standard, we want to know about it, so that we can build a stronger, safer community. But we are also a community with varied levels of experience, so when someone doesn't know something, help them out if you can and feel comfortable, and/or let us know about it if you want help educating.



For those starting out or those in the know, resources - especially local ones - can be invaluable [Under construction]